Especially in an international search and because of the cost involved for travel it is important to define an efficient recruitment process. We have developed concepts that are scalable to your needs and that can also be applied to national searches.

Lean recruiting

Lean means that we handle the entire search process from our desk. We contact and interview candidates by telephone and handle all correspondence electronically. In fact, we avoid travel in order to reduce consultation time and expenses that increase rates. And we pass this cost advantage on to you by asking for lower rates compared to traditional recruitment firms.

Traditional Recruiting

Naturally we also offer the traditional form of recruitment. In addition to our Lean Recruitment concept, here we also offer face-to-face interviews and individual presentation of candidates on location at your office. Our fees for this service are higher to cover the additional travel and human resources expense.



As time can kill a deal, here are three good reasons to respond quickly to the presented candidate profiles:

  • In many countries in Europe, the time to give notice is critical to the hiring process. Missing the right moment could result in waiting 3 to 6 additional months for a candidate.
  • The sooner a candidate becomes an employee the sooner he or she can fill the void that triggered the recruitment process.
  • A quick reaction keeps candidates interested and motivated. They will associate this with being treated professionally and this will help differentiate your company from competitors.
Set up a reasonable and reliable time frame for the search that accounts for the availability of decision makers, i.e. schedule around longer business trips, vacations or industry Shows.


It is essential for us to have a complete picture of your current candidate search:

  • Why – are you looking for a replacement or to fill a newly created role?
  • Cultural framework – what exactly is your corporate culture? We need to understand this in order to select only candidates that fit to it.
  • Your expectations – for example, in Sales are you looking for a farmer or a hunter?
  • Responsibilities – what is the number of reports, turnover, P/L, budget, etc.?
  • Skills – what language, technical, or other experience is required or desired?
  • Organizational embedding – who will the candidate report to or work shoulder to shoulder with?
  • How much – what is the financial package you are offering? Are you offering an expat package or company car and how flexible are you on these matters?
  • Urgency – what is the time frame? By when would you like the search to be completed?

Most of these questions sound obvious, don’t they? Unfortunately our experience shows that often job descriptions are simply recycled and many of these questions are left unanswered or overlooked. For instance, we found a Russian language skills requirement in a job description for a Middle East Sales Manager. Therefore, we encourage you to put a little time into the initial briefing at the beginning of the project (in most cases not more than 30 minutes) as this could potentially save weeks in search time and lead to much better results.