Factor Timing


Because the time factor is critical to hiring success, there are at least three good reasons why you should react quickly to presented candidate profiles: 

  • In many European countries, the period of termination is a bottleneck factor. Missing the right moment here can quickly lead to a three- to six-month additional waiting time for a selected candidate.
  • The sooner a candidate becomes an employee, the sooner he can also become a contributor from a business point of view.
  • A quick response also helps to keep candidates motivated, as they associate this with a professional approach. This allows you to stand out from other employers.

Therefore, set up a realistic project schedule, which is particularly oriented towards the availability of the decision-makers. In other words: Schedule around business trips, vacation times, trade fairs, etc. In practice, it has proved its worth to reserve appointments for job interviews with the decision-makers right at the beginning of a search project.

Factor Briefing


By working closely, you get the most out of working with us and leave an outstanding image as an employer in candidate markets.


We can only fulfil our task in your sense if we know, among other things, the following backgrounds in connection with a vacancy:

  •  Why - is it a replacement or a newly created position?
  • What is your corporate culture? This helps to distinguish candidates according to their cultural fit.
  • Your expectations - are you looking e.g for a person with hunter or farmer nature?
  • Area of responsibility - how big is the management span, is there a responsibility for sales or earnings?
  • Skills - what language, technical or other skills are desired?
  • Organisational embedding - to whom will the candidate report, with whom will he work shoulder to shoulder?
  • Compensation - what is the salary frame you are considering and how flexible are you? What may be added, such as company cars, additional insurance, etc.
  • Urgency - by when should the vacancies been filled?

Much of this sounds self-evident. Unfortunately, we experience repeatedly that e.g. job descriptions from previous search projects are simply reused and that many of the points listed above are not considered. We would therefore like to encourage you to invest only about 30 minutes at the beginning of a search project, as this may save weeks in searches and achieve better results.