Does this sound familiar: Your company is economically sound, state-of-the-art products or solutions are ready to roll out, planning is complete and open positions are approved. But these positions remain open for months. The people you need to implement and fulfill your plan, win market share, drive growth and profit are still not in place. Time is of the essence and your existing team is stretched beyond capacity. Does this scenario look familiar to you? There can be many reasons for it. It is likely that the right people have simply not noticed your job advertisements. Often the best people out there are busy and fully booked. If they do not have an acute need, they are simply not looking for new opportunities.


A direct search allows you to reach both candidates who are currently looking for new employment and those who have no change in mind at all. Within just sixty days we will often have already talked to some hundred candidates with profiles that have the potential to meet your needs. We then develop a shortlist of those whom we feel would make the best candidates.


  • You are in the driver seat – no more of the traditional waiting for people to respond to job ads.
  • Our results are fast – in principle we provide a list of suitable candidates within sixty calendar days of project begin.
  • We offer a wider reach – we approach candidates who are not thinking about a change, thus expanding the market.
  • We lighten your workload – we relieve you from the burden of shuffling through mountains of resumes from unqualified candidates.
  • Our services are scalable. We bundle only those competencies that provide the optimal solution to your needs.


As the competition for talents is getting tougher, more employers are discovering the advantages of Human Resources Marketing (HR Marketing). Companies are using HR Marketing to build their brand image as an employer (Employer Branding). This strategic approach addresses both current and potential employees and is aimed at attracting new and retaining current employees. As an executive search company, we are on the forefront of these efforts. We are the first to contact candidates and we are the first to answer candidates’ questions. In fact, we are "selling" your company to candidates. Therefore, it is essential for us to have a complete picture of your current candidate search. By working hand in hand with you, your company will draw the most from our engagement and leave an excellent employer brand image in the candidate market.