We are passionate about providing the right people who bring with them a wealth of talent and expertise that will support your company’s sustainable growth. Experts agree that the demographic trends in all major economies are leading us into a period in which there will be a shortage of well-trained personnel. Now, and even more so in the very near future, access to the right talents and top performers will be the key to success!


We are equally zealous in our efforts to introduce candidates to the right opportunity, which means companies that value their skills and expertise and that offer the right environment to expand and further their careers.


The added value we bring to the table is rooted in more than two decades of experience in international management functions, business consulting and executive recruiting.


Confidentiality and Secrecy


The privacy of our clients and candidates is our utmost concern. We keep company or candidate data strictly confidential and only use this data within the scope of an assignment. We do not send resumes to clients without prior authorization from candidates.

Dialogue and Transparency


We handle all assignments based on milestone concepts. And we maintain close contact with our clients through e-mails, contact reports and teleconferences. Our fee structure is highly transparent, clearly specifying what you get and what you have to pay for it. There are no hidden extras. We can also offer flat rates for our services upon request.

Diligence and Quality


The first thing we do is to sit down with you to get an idea of your current needs. Then we diligently assess those needs and work closely with you to achieve your goals. And we remain diligent throughout the entire project. It’s our job to listen and provide an open feedback channel so that you are not only always in the loop, but also always have a say. With briefings, written summaries and quotations, we do our utmost to ensure that everyone is on the same page so that we can best meet your expectations. Success and results drive everything we do. And we are only satisfied once you are satisfied.

Equal Opportunity


We support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.