Running for Candidates


Over the last decade we have seen some dramatic changes in European talent markets:

  • First of all, there is the overall demographic trend. The Baby Boomer generation is slowly reaching retirement age, but birth rates of younger generations are not high enough to cope with this loss in the work force.
  • The number of graduates in engineering or natural sciences lags far behind the needs of developed European economies.
  • Younger generations have, to some extent, become more flexible when it comes to international relocation. Thus companies are fighting for talents not only at home but also at the European level.
  • However, a major road block in talent acquisition is developing – a conflict of interest that results from the desire of young and well-trained women and men to continue working after they have started a family, meaning that relocation for one parent would require the other to give up their job.

At the end of the day and at any given point of time only around 5% or less of the pool of potential candidates for a certain position actually fulfill all relevant criteria. This is, in fact, a rather small community. So if this community does not read your job listing in newspapers or on employment websites, then a direct search is the fastest, most precise and most efficient way to search for just the right candidate. Most importantly, a direct search puts you in the driver seat as you manage the timelines and results instead of simply waiting!